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The Consumer Experience: Get It Right With Human Interaction

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The Consumer Experience: Get It Right With Human Interaction

It’s a consumer experience so many people know, yet so few love: buying a new car. Although the outcome is something to look forward to, the journey can be overwhelming.

The choice of makes and models is daunting, plus the buyer needs to decide to buy new or search for the right used car, then consider the different purchasing options. Fortunately, digital advances have paved the way for much of the legwork to be done online, and 80% of drivers are now taking advantage.

This arms consumers with the information that they need to make a purchase when they get to the dealership, which they will ultimately visit. When the path to purchase shifts from online to offline, a massive blind spot is created for auto marketers, who want to create a complete picture of their consumer.

See how marketers can connect the advantages of the digital world with the strengths of physical interactions to deliver a positive consumer experience, and drive more sales?


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