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joe-orr-driving-force-behind-usJoe Orr here, welcoming you to TheVirtualDealer, where the team from DealerSuccess, VirtualDeal and other though leaders in the automotive world who are interested in, concerned about, and consumed by the increasing role that modern technologies play in the business lives of dealerships and automotive selling businesses come to discuss topics and seek solutions.

It will be the aim of this platform to create an accessible aggregate of current trends and stories as well as research papers of interest in regards to technological advances in the automotive arena, while also offering interviews and testimonials from dealerships and their teams. We will strive to give editorial freedom and space on this platform to those who write or research those topics.

If you are one of those people or influencers, we invite you to contact us to talk about posting your stories or findings here with us, where dealers who are struggling might be able to find some encouragement, guidance and direction, or, at the very least, a place to read about current trends that could greatly influence their future.

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The Virtual Dealer Team,
Joe Orr – 35 year Automotive Veteran