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Automotive E-Commerce Is Here But Dealers Will Not Be Replaced

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Automotive E-Commerce Is Here But Dealers Will Not Be Replaced

Consumer confidence in online shopping continues to rise, with fewer people feeling the need to physically view items before buying.  Once limited to low value purchases, consumers are now prepared to part with large sums online.

A relatively new entrant to this e-commerce trend is automotive brands. There are now a number of major car manufacturers offering ecommerce options together with traditional dealerships.

It is easy to see why buying cars online has been so well received by consumers. Ordering online often results in more choice; allowing customers to decide on colour, engine size and mileage without being limited to what is in stock at a particular showroom.

In addition, it allows people to avoid arranging a visit to a dealership and negotiating face-to-face. Retailers across all sectors are under pressure to provide flexible online options which fit around the busy lifestyles of today’s consumer. However, a visit to a showroom may still result in the best price, and as of yet manufacturers are reluctant to undercut their dealerships.

We have reached an exciting time for the automotive industry, as both dealers and consumers adapt to this novel way of purchasing vehicles.

Those who embrace this technology and invest in the digital transformation that is required stand to gain a competitive edge over others who tread carefully.


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( – Author: John Kirwan