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Customer Engagement Metrics You Can’t Ignore

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Customer Engagement Metrics You Can’t Ignore

As any dealer can attest, car shopping has changed dramatically over the last decade. Shoppers spend hours (and days) guiding themselves through the vehicle-search process online, and many dealers feel they’ve lost their role in the shopping experience. Is it worth the effort, and is it even possible, to engage the modern shopper successfully?

It is worth the effort because it is possible. And it’s not a shot in the dark just because your shoppers stay mysterious: It’s a science. If you have the right processes in place and measure the right metrics, you can successfully connect with shoppers at every stage of the cycle.

About these metrics: I coach dealerships to build their processes around the five that matter most when it comes to engaging modern customers. And I make every manager I work with measure them, and manage their team accordingly. But I also tell them not to just turn into the metrics police. Make sure your team knows why metrics are important, and how your measurement works to their benefit.

Here’s what they are, and how you can break them down for your team.