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Joe Orr is offering a great customizable tool to our readers that he personally used in his digital career as a GM, called the Mystery Shop tool. The idea behind it is to create a tracking device that allows managers and execs to see just how well (or not) their team and their competitors are doing pertaining to their digital communications with their customers.

The Mystery Shop tool can also be used to shop your competitors and their responses in order to see and track what their prices are, as well as to discover and track new technologies that they are implementing or have deployed, which you may not have been aware of.

The excel spreadsheet allows a dealership (single rooftop or group) to easily keep track of all email campaigns directed at vehicle inquiries and customer pricing/inventory requests for a full thirty days. It will auto calculate a value-point system for you that allows you to associate a value to all responses using variables such as timing, frequency and even quality of responses by your individual team members, or versus your competitors.

Being aware of your competitors is just good business practice.

We invite you to download the file and try it out. But fair warning – it will also lead to accountability and possible changes in your current communication and marketing strategies.

We have also included several example emails, with notations showing how frequently the emails should be sent and what kind of points they might be given.

down_load_buttonAnother warning before downloading – some dealerships have seen an abnormal rise in competition between their stores and teams once this measuring system was put in place! Because the clear and telling results can be easily published between stores, you may find some of them or on a more granular level, some of your sales people competing against each other for the best score of the month.

Joe Orr and the Success Team at DealerSuccess