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Dealerships Need The Apple Genius Style Salesperson

The public has gotten used to this very human touch of selling. And they like it.
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TheVirtualDealer hosts yet another fireside chat style discussion from Joe Orr, winner of the DrivingSales 2015 Innovation Cup for developing the best dealer solution of the year.

In this piece, Joe Orr, previous GM of a top award winning dealership in the Pacific Northwest for 25 years, discusses how he believes dealerships should be looking for, and employing Apple Genius style sales people.

Apple uses the acronym APPLE to explain its basic philosophy:
“Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome,”
“Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs,”
“Present a solution for the customer to take home today,”
“Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns,” and
“End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.”

Is Your Staff ‘Approachable’?

Ask yourself, does your dealership staff use any of these elements of interaction when they approach or converse with a customer? Joe believes it’s time to start employing such tactics and philosophies in your sales, in order to create the very best [and REPEATABLE!] outcome.

Another important point to consider is that a Genius Bar employee gets around $30 per hour, while the sales staff gets $9-$15 per hour. It’s rare that anyone starts on the sales floor and ends up in a higher corporate position within Apple.

What this tells us is that Apple is careful to hire the right person with the right knowledge or mindset, in the beginning of filling that position. While it is clear that people can and do learn new skills, it is also hard to argue with Apple’s success – and their way of hiring the right person for the right job.

Take a listen:


So, my vision of what I see in the future is for sales staff, is more the Apple Genius kind of a type salesperson.

So less of the “If I could, would you”, less of that and just more respectful; better informed product professionals; better online communicators on answering the questions more directly and again, focusing on the consumer experience.

So it’s different than when I sold cars in the 70s, or the 80s, or even in the 90s, or even 2000, to 2010.

I think right now we’re moving to a different type of salesperson that the consumers are responding to. And that’s the big deal, right? It’s about building relationships.

So we have to find people – like the Apple genius type of salespeople. And we have to look for friendly, communicative people that enjoy people.

But I’m focusing on sales by people that have never sold cars before. Or they can make that jump to that new type salesperson – what I’m calling the digital salesperson. They should be abel to do it all, inside the dealership, and do it well.

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