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Debunking Buzzwords – The ‘Bot’

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Debunking Buzzwords – The ‘Bot’

Today’s dealerships have the ability to sell cars even when the staff is all at home sleeping. It’s true, I Googled it. But, do they really? I’ve sat on many demonstrations where a very suave salesperson explains how their tool has bots that handle traffic after hours. But, I have yet to see a bot sell a car. Bots can do many things, like run repetitive automated tasks over the internet very quickly, but they are not human. While they can provide ‘automatic responses’ that will help you stop the clock, they do not have the human nuances and inflections that a real person does. This is cognitively registered by the brain and we do know when we are talking to a bot.

In my overall opinion of bots, I think they damage the relationship between consumer and dealership. Don’t get me wrong, I use bots whenever I can. But, I know where to draw the line in the sand. You won’t see me using a bot on my chat tool after the initial, “Hi, my name is ________. How can I serve you today?”. This is where a real human should get an alert and start interacting with the potential consumer. Consumers want to relate to the person on the other end of the line (

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of ‘buzzwords’ being thrown around in the digital marketing world. It’s really not that complicated. In fact, you are likely already using bots in your current digital marketing toolbox. If you use any of the following processes, you are already using bots:

  1. Auto-responders
  2. Alerts
  3. Automatic reporting
  4. Chatbots
  5. Mining crypto-currency

Bots are not something new. In fact, bots first appeared in Chinese culture in the 3rd Century B.C. long before computers or robots were ever thought of. I Googled that too😊

Simply put, bots are processes that repeat. If you would love to learn more about digital marketing, we always love to hear from dealers.