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Design, Build & Deliver Same Day – Not Yet, But One Can Dream!

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Design, Build  & Deliver Same Day – Not Yet, But One Can Dream!

Gone are the days of customers tirelessly driving from lot to lot to find the perfect vehicle. The IoT (Internet of Things), meaning devices that are connected electronically through chips embedded in just about every part of everything being made, totals over 8.4 billion world-wide just this year. These sensors, actuators, software are all connected through A.I. on the internet. We wear these things on our bodies, embed them into our animals, and even our refrigerators are connected (don’t ask me why, I am still confused).

Take everything in your home and imagine it had a sensor attached to it. Shoot, even your toilet paper can be tracked! Ever been caught on the crapper and that ‘oh, dang!’ moment happens? No toilet paper! After panic sets in, desperation takes over and you start yelling for anyone to bring you some doggone toilet paper! Fear not: a YouTuber has an app you can upload the source code for that senses when your TP is critically low and send you a notification, no way ( How about just stocking some extra rolls in the bathroom cabinet? Jeez, are we this far gone that we need an app for toilet paper?

People, when will my food packaging be embedded with IoT so I won’t have to go to the grocery store anymore and my catsup will mysteriously arrive on my doorstep?

Historically, we view this as invasive, but as consumers, we are craving to be understood, emotionally engaged, and connected. Consumer demand is driving the A.I. revolution.

The good news is this is all in the early stages.

‘You mean to tell me that my dirt bike can communicate with my Smart Home?’ The answer is yes. Yes, the technology to design, build, and deliver is coming sooner than you can imagine. Robotics and A.I. programs could easily make this happen in the next 5 years. Imagine picking the exact color of carpet, seats, engine, and even custom paint color on the vehicle of your dreams. Paint would be custom coded and every vehicle color would be unique and baked on by robots. Parts departments would quadruple in size and everything to build the vehicle would be stocked in a huge warehouse that hovercrafts pick and pull the part and deliver it to the micro-assembly line installed at your dealership. Instead of 1,000 cars on your lot, you have 10, all in white. Yes, it would be a shift in where your flooring dollars are, but it’s what the ‘Instant’ generation is screaming for.

Innovative business models will get a jump on the competition with A.I., robotics, and IoT. Anybody with me? All I need is $50 million startup dollars and great imaginations!


Written By: Mari Campuzano