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Digital Marketing In this Century

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Digital Marketing In this Century

Digital Marketing In this Century

More than 85% of products and services are being searched for online, which means Digital marketing is no longer just an added option to your advertising, it is now a crucial piece of your marketing campaign.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing go hand and hand, you create an ad and potential customer, they contact your business regarding the add, based on the quality of the ad, potential buyers will come into your dealership. The only difference is that in digital marketing, your potential customers can quickly become paying customer by leveraging digital marketing offers.

Successful online marketing is all about integrating digital marketing into every aspect of marketing plan.

Let’s face it in this day in age your protentional customers are using multiple social media platforms and devices everyday, as a result it is a lot harder to capture your potential customers attention. By using customized creative tailored to a specific consumer market you can get your customers attention.

Imagine going on a website and instead of the boring generic website you have a customized message that says “Hi Portland Resident”. I am enticed by this offer because they know where I’m located. Customizing the customers experience is what keeps the customer on your website. You must set yourself apart from the other dealerships who have the same website and same advertising. It is time to take charge of your advertising and make your advertising dollars count.


We have the Experience and insight to meet your digital marketing challenges and set you apart from your competition.

Your current and potential customers are interacting with different devices for different purposes, our team knows how to pinpoint and target the right customers to get the most out of your marketing dollars. We will capture your consumers attention by untilizing unique and creative campaigns tailored specifically for customers location or interests.


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By: Jana Scott