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Disruptors – Online Mega Dealers What It Could Mean for the RV Industry

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Disruptors – Online Mega Dealers What It Could Mean for the RV Industry

If dealerships met the needs of consumers, there would not be a reason for online mega dealers to exist.

Online mega dealers fueled by Wall Street, have disrupted the auto industry in a very short period of time. As technology advances, and consumer patience decreases, we must find efficient ways to capture the attention of consumers. Fortunately, the only RV I can buy on Amazon as of today is a $22 toy motorhome that fits in the palm of my hand. But, this likely will change over the course of the next few years, if not sooner.

For the auto industry, the tables have completely turned in just a few short years. When I first started researching these trends a few years ago, the largest online dealers only had 100+ cars. Now, they have in upwards of 7,000+ and growing. I do not know of any brick and mortar store that has grown their inventory this quickly. Most of the dealers I speak to hope to double their inventory in the next year.

I’m sharing this with my RV dealer audience because we’ve already seen the changes to the auto industry, and I implore you to take action now and get a jump start. There are several things you can do now to help circumvent the likely disruptor to the RV industry. Here’s a few suggestions based on my research and continued work with auto and RV dealers in the US and Canada:

  1. If you do not have an online selling tool, get one now. The best products out there will connect your CRM, financing, and trade in tools so consumers can save time at the dealership.
  2. Start thinking of selling RVs on a National level. Logistics can be complicated, but the rewards can be huge.
  3. If you do not currently have an employee who champions new processes, hire one that is well versed in IT and technology.
  4. Start meeting the needs of your customers by minimizing the amount of time they spend on your lot. Implement tools like Spin Car and Virtual Deal to help support those platforms.

What is your plan for future growth and navigating disruptors in the auto and RV industry? As always, we are here to help your dealership plan for these inevitable changes. Please contact us anytime – we are here for your success!


By: Mari Campuzano