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How To Get Your Dealership Into The AI Revolution

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How To Get Your Dealership Into The AI Revolution

Until now, dealerships did not have the ability to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their dealership marketing platforms. For most people, it is a concept that is difficult to understand. If you are reading this, you are likely somewhere between killing it at your dealership by predicting consumer trends with AI tools and installing your first networked PC.

Your dealership can easily be part of the AI revolution even if you don’t know the simplest of things about technology. In fact, you must be part of the revolution if you plan on being a disruptor rather than being the disrupted party. In the famous words of my favorite leader and car guy ever, “Lead, follow or get out of the way”- Lee Iacocca.

Here’s a few important ways to begin the process so you aren’t left in the dust a few years from now:

  1. When hiring new employees, choose the ones with knowledge of AI systems.
  2. Devote some monthly spend on increasing your dealerships knowledge of AI systems.
  3. Cultivate your dealerships AI culture in which employees are expected to participate in AI transformation.
  4. Find a technology ‘Champion’ in your employee roster that is interested in AI and consider naming them the AI Champion at your store.
  5. Partner with companies that have deep understanding of where dealerships are going with AI so they can help speed up the process of implementing AI at your dealership.

At Dealer Success, our research and knowledge of AI runs deep, and are already implementing new platforms in our technology products to help ‘predict’ consumer behavior. Give us a shout and we will be happy to show you😊


By: Mari Campuzano