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How Convenient Is Your Dealership?

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How Convenient Is Your Dealership?

These days, customers are becoming less willing to engage in face to face marketing tactics. This has forced your website to become your showroom floor. With this challenge, dealers struggle with setting themselves apart from every other dealership trying to lure customers online. Simply put, there are too many marketing strategies and customers have become numb to the same marketing tactics.

You as a dealer still need to acquire new customers. So you have to ask yourself, what will set you apart from other dealers? What grabs a customer’s attention?

Years ago, if you are old enough to remember, when you walked into a store you frequented often, you would be greeted by name from an employee. You were loyal to this store because you were familiar with it, they knew you personally. But today’s advanced grocery stores are gaining customers not by their loyalty but by the convivence they offer their customers. Most grocery stores offer their customer the ability to make their purchases online and then wait in the parking lot while an employee brings it to your car.

Amazon set themselves apart by offering two hours home delivery for their Prime customers. They have taken over the market with a simple twist in their sales tactic. Customers are willing to pay a little more for the convenience of not driving to the grocery store.

The point is that our society is conditioning customers, especially millennials, to expect and demand convenience.  Time and money are increasingly factored into customers purchasing decision. The more convenient your dealership makes the customers experience the more likely that customer is to stay loyal to your dealership. It is no longer all about the “Lowest price”, but more about the “most Convenient” for the customer.

So the question you should be asking really is, how convenient is your dealership for its customers?