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Offering Customers A Seamless Experience

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Offering Customers A Seamless Experience

Over the next 12 months, the need to adapt and enhance customer service is likely to intensify as new players enter the automotive retail marketplace. Amazon for example is exploring vehicle retail opportunities via its Vehicles platform.

These changes, along with advances in technology, are fuelling demand for a whole new kind of marketplace, and as a result, a new customer journey.

To offer a consistently high standard of customer service despite changing retail experience expectations, dealerships need to continually review their processes and be ready to embrace emerging technologies and communication channels.

Dealer management systems also need to be flexible enough to enable this approach, in addition to being fully integrated across all business departments and communication channels to deliver consistency at all points of customer contact.

To stay afloat in the changing automotive retail world while keeping all generations of consumers engaged, dealers need to follow the example of the most advanced retailers. They collect and profile customer information, creating targeted, personalised and relevant multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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Author- John Kirwan -Posted: May 2nd,2017