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Tracking and Profiling Can Help you Grow Your Dealership

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Tracking and Profiling Can Help you Grow Your Dealership

Being on the very cusp of technology and understanding customer behavior is how we grow and build our businesses. This isn’t a new idea, but the way we collect and dissect the information is new, and it’s hard to understand sometimes.

Back in the days of Joe Girard, customer information was kept on a 3×5 card or on a Rolodex sitting on top of your desk in the corner, next to the avocado green dial phone. Their name, phone number, address, and other pertinent information was hand written with a pen on the card and filed. If you were a really great sales person, you would file by date and rotate through the card file every few months.

Those days are over. We have technology for all of these tasks on our phones, computers, and even our vehicles remind us of everything. In 2003, MySpace was launched and just a short year later, Facebook began taking over the world of online socialization. In 2017, we have hundreds of social media sites, and billions of users worldwide.

Big brand stores have been using ad tracking for years. Did you ever wonder how a product you searched for on Google now shows up on the home page of your Amazon feed? There are these great little ‘bots’ constantly tracking every click you make. Some of us consider this an annoyance, but as a dealership leader, this is paramount to a successful marketing campaign.

Would it be incredibly helpful to know when a customer is shopping for a vehicle on your site tends to search for red vehicles, or certain brands, or used vehicles only? How about if you could tie your PPC campaigns into the program that collects this information on each and every visitor to your website? Imagine if the customer re-visits your site and all of the vehicles that are on your site are now red, or the vehicles they shopped most often show up first.

Folks, this technology has existed for many years. But, until now, it only existed if you had a huge multi-million dollar marketing budget. If you want to know more, Visit or reach out to us and we can help you choose the platform that works best for your dealership.


By: Mari Campuzano