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Vroom Makes An Offer To Dealers That’s Hard To Refuse

Vroom increase it's reach into showrooms
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Vroom Makes An Offer To Dealers That’s Hard To Refuse

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Vroom creates an incentive for dealerships asking them to “work together”

Author: Posted by Joe Voerby | @Auto Remarketing | Published: November 11, 2015, 4:51 pm
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CARY, N.C. – Vroom has been living up to it’s brand name, gathering speed along the highway of “let’s capture market share”, with it’s newest offering/incentives to dealers across the U.S. to work together.

Scott Chesrown — Vroom’s vice president of strategy and business development — goes on to explain in the article, just what it is that Vroom hopes to achieve in this newest move to conquer the used car arena by expanding beyond Vroom’s own business into the very walls and halls of dealerships in every state.

The basis of this new venture is an iPhone and Android app that has been designed and deployed specifically for dealers who can now sell their vehicles to Vroom using the same techniques and appraisal process that Vroom has been using with it’s own consumers.

Joe Voerby does a very good job in allowing Vroom to present its case in this article and we encourage you to read it, in order to get a taste for the larger picture or business model that Vroom is building out for itself.

Link to Vroom post HERE


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